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Are White German Shepherds Purebred?

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The White German Shepherd also known as White Shepherd, belonging to a Herding Dog Group, known for their striking white coat. They are not considered a rare breed, but are less common than the more traditional tan and black German Shepherds.

The most frequent question that people ask about White German Shepherds is, “Are White German Shepherds Purebred”? Yes, if a White German Shepherd dog has its pedigree. The pedigree White German Shepherds can be registered with AKC, CKC, SV, and UKC, one of the oldest and authentic dog registries. The registry of a White German Shepherd confirms that it is a purebred and variant of a German Shepherd breed. No purebred German Shepherd can be denied of registration just because of color, except Panda Shepherds. A pedigree dog is one that has parents which are both of the same breed.


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Though the dog registries like SV(Verein für deutsche Schäferhunde), AKC (American Kennel Club), and CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) register pedigree White German Shepherds, but disqualify them because of the white color. The ‘Disqualification’ means they can no longer compete in the breed conformation ring. The American Kennel Club (AKC) only recognizes the traditional black and tan, sable, and solid black colors as standard for the German shepherd breed.

White German Shepherds are the direct descendant of the German Shepherd dogs. A German cavalry officer, Max von Stephanitz, who was the first president of the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV), had created a German shepherd dog in the first half of the 20th century using various intelligent and brilliant breeds of German sheep/herding dogs as his breeding stock.

Originally White German Shepherd were considered purebred. Subsequently it was believed that the white color in German Shepherds is linked to health issues. In fact, White German Shepherds were often shunned and considered inferior to traditional colored German Shepherds. They were excluded from most of the dog breeding programs.

This misconception about White German Shepherds was proved to be wrong when it was found that the white coloration is caused by a recessive gene that can appear in any colored breed, including the German Shepherd. To produce a White German Shepherd the white gene has to be passed on by both parents. However, some breeders have specifically bred for the white coloration, leading to controversy over whether these dogs should be considered purebred German shepherds or not.

In April 14, 1999, the UKC (United Kennel Club) recognized them as a separate dog breed called “White Shepherds”. Though it is recognized as distinct dog breed but your White German Shepherd can be registered as a German Shepherd with UKC and shown in the conformation ring as a German Shepherd dog. It doesn’t consider white color, a fault.

In terms of personality and behavior, both types of German Shepherds share similar characteristics such as loyalty, intelligence, and protectiveness. However, some breeders believe that White German Shepherds may have a slightly calmer temperament compared to their traditional counterparts.

Ultimately, whether you prefer a traditional or white German Shepherd comes down to personal preference in terms of appearance and any potential variations in temperament. It’s important to note that the most important factor when determining if a dog is purebred is its lineage and registration papers (pedigree). You can also identify a dog by carrying out a dog DNA test | Read: How To Know What Type Of German Shepherd Do You Have Using Dog DNA Test Kit.

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