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Is White German Shepherd a Good Family Dog?

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Are you planning to own or adopt a White German Shepherd, but not sure whether it is a good family dog or not? Don’t worry, you’re in the right place.

In this post, we have covered (1) White German Shepherd as a family dog (2) Are White German Shepherds better than the traditional German Shepherds? (3) Can there be health issues with White German Shepherds and how a family owner can take care (4) Do White German Shepherds need more frequent brushing and bathing than traditional German Shepherds? (5) What people say about White German Shepherds who adopted them as a family dog.


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01. White German Shepherd as a Family Dog

The White German Shepherd makes an excellent family dog. This beautiful breed is a color variation of the standard German Shepherd Dog. While the typical German Shepherd has the iconic black and tan coat, the White German Shepherd sports a striking snow-white coat. Don’t let the pale coat fool you, though – this is still a classic German Shepherd at heart.

The White German Shepherd inherits the loyal, intelligent, and protective temperament of its darker-coated cousin.

This breed forms strong bonds with its family and is very affectionate and playful with children. They have an innate desire to guard and watch over their loved ones. Their noble stature and keen senses make them excellent watchdogs who will alert owners to anything suspicious. Yet White Shepherds are not aggressive by nature and will only resort to force if absolutely necessary to defend their family.

This energetic breed thrives when given plenty of daily exercise and mental stimulation. Long walks, games of fetch, or canine sports like agility are great outlets for their high drive. White Shepherds are eager to please and highly trainable when handled with positive reinforcement methods. Their intelligence makes them quick learners, capable of mastering all kinds of commands and tricks.

Provided they get sufficient activity and attention, the White German Shepherd adapts well to any home. Their loyal and loving temperament makes them an ideal family companion. Owners of this noble breed will surely enjoy their regal presence and steadfast devotion for years to come.

02. Are White German Shepherds Better Than the Traditional German Shepherds?

When comparing white German Shepherds to traditional German Shepherds, it’s important to note that both types share the same breed characteristics and traits. However, some breeders believe that White German Shepherds may have a slightly calmer temperament compared to their traditional counterparts.

The main difference lies in their coat color, with white German Shepherds having a predominantly white coat due to a genetic mutation. In terms of temperament and abilities, there is no significant difference between the two variations. The decision between them often comes down to personal preference for coat color. It’s essential to remember that both types make excellent companions and working dogs, excelling in tasks such as obedience training, protection, search and rescue, and more.

03. Are There Any Health Issues With White German Shepherds and How a Family Owner Can Take Care?

The graceful and loyal German Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds, but the White German Shepherd, with its stunning snowy coat, has some important health issues that families considering this breed should be aware of. While White Shepherds share the strong work ethic and trainability of their cousins with the familiar black and tan coats, their lack of pigment leaves them prone to certain genetic conditions.

Responsible White Shepherd owners should have their puppy screened for congenital deafness, which occurs more often in dogs with little pigmentation. Annual vet exams to monitor eye health are also essential, as White Shepherds are unfortunately prone to blindness later in life due to conditions like pigmentary uveitis and progressive retinal atrophy. Keeping their sensitive skin protected from sunburn with canine sunscreen is also important.

As large, active dogs, White Shepherds are also at risk for joint issues like hip and elbow dysplasia, so providing supplements like glucosamine starting at a young age can help maintain mobility into old age. With proper care and awareness of their health vulnerabilities, White German Shepherds can thrive as loyal family companions and graceful protectors. But it’s crucial for owners to partner closely with their vet and stay vigilant about preventative care to help ensure their beloved white-coated dogs live long, healthy, and happy lives.

It’s important to remember that each dog is an individual, so it’s essential to choose a reputable breeder and spend time getting to know the specific personality of the White German Shepherd you are considering adding to your family | Related: 20+ Top German Shepherd Breeders In US | Buy Puppies & Dogs.

04. Do White German Shepherds Need More Frequent Brushing and Bathing than Traditional German Shepherds?

The White German Shepherd has a striking snow-white coat. While they have the same general temperament and characteristics as the traditional German Shepherd, their white coat does require some additional grooming considerations.

The thick double-coat that German Shepherds have serves to protect them from weather and debris. However, the white coat of the White German Shepherd makes dirt and mats much more visible and obvious. While regular/traditional German Shepherds only need to be brushed about once or twice a week, White German Shepherds require more frequent brushing to keep their coat clean and prevent matting. A White German Shepherd’s coat should ideally be brushed three to four times per week to remove loose hair and distribute skin oils.

In addition to more frequent brushing, White German Shepherds also need occasional baths to keep their coats sparkling white. Their white coat shows any discoloration or dirt buildup much more than traditional colored German Shepherds. A bath every few months with a mild dog shampoo can help remove any yellowing or stains and restore brightness to the coat. Some owners of White German Shepherds also use whitening shampoos made especially for white-coated dogs that can boost the brilliance of the coat.

Paying extra attention to regular brushing, bathing, and grooming is necessary for any White German Shepherd to keep their coat in optimal condition. While they have the same shedding amount as regular German Shepherds, their white coat simply shows signs of neglect much more readily. With proper weekly brushing and occasional baths, a White German Shepherd’s coat can remain as stunningly white as the day they were born. The extra grooming time required is a small price to pay for having such a beautiful and eye-catching dog.

05. What People Say Who Have Owned White German Shepherds

You must have a good idea about White German Shepherds, now let’s find out what people say who have actually owned/adopted White German Shepherd as a family dog.

Gerda E Embretsen says, It depends on what you want the dog for, for show or companion. I owned two white shepherds at different times, quite frankly they were the best dogs ever. One of them got stolen by the kennel owner where I boarded him for two days. My heart still jumps when I see a white shepherd even though I lost mine fifty years ago. He was and will never be forgotten.

Abhi Veldurthy who lives in San Francisco says, I happen to be one of the fortunate people who adopted one. My home is full of white hair that he keeps shedding. And the best part is I probably kissed him a 100 times the other day and my mom called me a few minutes after. She thought I suddenly had a white beard (I’m exaggerating, but she thought my beard started to grey out). Jokes apart, these are the things I heard before I got Fuji. ‘German Shepherds are aggressive‘. ‘White dogs have health issues’.White Shepherds are not supposed to be bred‘. And then I saw Fuji. And I fell in love. He was going to be my son. At first he looked like a rat. Then he looked like a Rabbit smoking a cigar. And then he grew into the sweetest companion I could have ever asked for. I’m not so sure why the people who say ‘White Shepherds should not be bred‘, or ‘GSDs are not supposed to be white‘ say it. Perhaps they never met a White Shepherd who happens to be the beacon of love and joy.

Final Thoughts

The White German Shepherds are intelligent, loyal, human-friendly, & versatile, cherished for their beauty and gentle temperament. These traits make them beloved companions for many families around the world, but don’t forget they need some extra care.

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