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15+ Top German Shepherd Breeders in Kentucky State

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Are you looking for professional German Shepherd breeders in Kentucky state? You’re in the right place. We have handpicked one of the top Kentucky German Shepherd breeders based on their breeding quality, facilities, breed standards, breeding practices, environment, and breeding ethics.

German Shepherds have long been a favorite dog breed in the state of Kentucky. With the rolling pastures and farms that dot the Kentucky landscape, there is ample space for German Shepherd breeders to raise these active dogs. The climate is also moderate, rarely seeing extremes of hot or cold, which provides good conditions for breeding healthy puppies.

Some key factors have made Kentucky an ideal location for German Shepherd breeders. There are many Amish and Mennonite communities in Kentucky that use German Shepherds on their farms for herding, guarding livestock, and protecting property. The Amish prefer to get their dogs from local breeders whom they trust, which has led to several long-established German Shepherd breeding operations catering to this demographic.

In addition, the strong agricultural tradition in Kentucky means there are many horse farms, cattle ranches, and other farms that utilize German Shepherds for their intelligence, trainability, and protective nature. German Shepherd breeders in Kentucky often breed dogs well-suited for these working roles on farms and ranches.


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01. Bluegrass Country German Shepherds

Bluegrass Country German Shepherds in Kentucky is renowned for its top-quality and well-bred AKC-registered German Shepherd Dogs from Czech and East DDR working lines. These dogs have medium to high drive, super intelligent, strong bones, large heads, and amazing temperament.

The breeding program at Bluegrass Country focuses on producing healthy and well-socialized puppies for families looking for a loyal companion. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, Bluegrass Country ensures that each puppy receives the best care and training possible.

When you choose a German Shepherd from Bluegrass Country in Kentucky, you can be confident that you are getting a loving and intelligent pet that will become a cherished member of your family.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook
  • Location: 17800 Creek Rock Road, Louisville, KY, United States, Kentucky

02. Joetta’s White German Shepherds 

Joetta’s White German Shepherds is a small family-owned kennel located in the rolling hills of Nancy, Kentucky. Joetta and her husband primarily breeding and raising full-blooded AKC White German Shepherd dogs. Their kennel is known for producing some of the finest White German Shepherd puppies in the region.

At Joetta’s, every litter receives round-the-clock care and socialization to ensure the puppies grow into well-adjusted, healthy companions. Joetta hand-raises each pup, providing them with plenty of affection, stimulation, and training during the critical early weeks.

The puppies are weaned and transitioned to nutritious puppy food under the watchful supervision of Joetta and her husband. | Related: Are White German Shepherds Purebred? | Is White German Shepherd a Good Family Dog?

  • Visit: Website | Facebook
  • Location: Nancy, Kentucky, United States, 42544

03. Fieldshaus German Shepherds of Kentucky

Fieldshaus German Shepherds of Kentucky is a reputable professional breeder specializing in top-quality Working Line German Shepherds. It has been breeding and raising German Shepherds since 2003. Their dogs are carefully selected for health, temperament, and working ability.

Fieldshaus German Shepherds are known for their intelligence, trainability, and loyalty, making them excellent family companions, service dogs, and canine athletes. | Related: Straight Back German Shepherds | Types of Working Line GSDs.

At Fieldshaus, the puppies are raised in a clean, enriching environment designed to properly socialize them during their critical developmental stages. They receive plenty of hands-on care, affection, and exposure to a variety of people, places, and situations to ensure they grow into well-adjusted adult dogs. Fieldshaus conducts extensive health testing on their breeding stock to reduce the risk of inherited diseases and carefully matches pedigrees to produce puppies with hybrid vigor.

  • Visit: Website (N/A) | Facebook
  • Location: Upper Blackberry Rd, Ransom, KY, United States, Kentucky

04. Vom Zeder Haus German Shepherds

VOM Zeder Haus VZH is one of the top and sincere German Shepherd breeders in Kentucky. They are one of those very few kennels in United States or America, who offer authentic European German Shepherds to civilians as personal and Family dogs. Over 95% of their puppies go to families, children, and private individuals.

All of Vom Zeder Haus German Shepherds meet the European standard for health, confirmation, and working ability.

They import their German Shepherds from the best breeding program in Europe, which breeds German Shepherds from old Czech / Pohranicni Straze Lines with German dogs. VZH then cross those German Shepherds with West German dogs.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook (N/A)
  • Location: 2171 Waddy Rd, Lawrenceburg, KY 40342, United States
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05. Burg-Wächter German Shepherds

Burg-Wächter German Shepherds is a well known family-owned breeder located in North Corbin, Kentucky that breeds top-quality West (European) Showline German Shepherds and Czech & Eastern European Working Line German Shepherds. They have been in this business for 15+ Years. | Related: Slant Back German Shepherds | Types of Showline GSDs.

Their German Shepherds have high drive, excellent temperament, beauty, strength, and an overall ability to face any challenge.

Each litter of puppies is carefully raised in a clean, nurturing environment designed to promote proper socialization. The Burg’s personally oversee every aspect of their puppies’ development, from feeding schedules to house training and basic obedience.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook
  • Location: 68 Tom Town Hollow Rd, Corbin, KY 40701, United States

06. Machtigenhund Kennels

Machtigenhund Kennels in Kentucky breeds and raises top-quality DDR(Deutsches Demokratische Republik) bloodline German Shepherd dogs. They are providing AKC registered pedigree puppies to families all over United States since 2010.

Their breeding dogs are carefully selected for health, temperament, working ability, and adherence to the DDR bloodline German Shepherd breed standard.

Puppies are thoughtfully paired and raised in a clean, enriching environment that promotes proper socialization. Under the meticulous care of Machtigenhund Kennels, the German Shepherd’s noble character and versatility shines through in each exceptional puppy produced.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook
  • Location: 1765 Hardin Springs Rd, Big Clifty, KY 42712, United States

07. War Fork Mountain Shepherds

War Fork Mountain Shepherds is a small family-run farm nestled in the rolling green hills of McKee, Kentucky. They breed extremely beautiful giant West (European) long coat(hair) black & red, and solid black show line German Shepherds.

The owners Tammy and Greg give each puppy and family personal care and guidance. Their breeding program has been carefully thought out breeding only the best.

The puppies are given lots of love and attention from a young age. Families looking for a wonderful addition to their home can trust in the quality and care provided by War Fork Mountain Shepherds.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook
  • Location: 1176 War Fork Rd, McKee, KY 40447, United States

08. Von Cromer German Shepherds

Von Cromer German Shepherds is a family-owned highly-reputable kennel located in Orlando, Kentucky that specializes in breeding pedigree DDR Working Line and West (European) Show line German Shepherds. Majority of their DDR bloodlines are solid black whereas Show Lines are red & black, solid black, both in single coat and long coat(hair). They also have full AKC breeding rights.

The Kennel is run by the Von Cromer family who have years of experience breeding, training, and showing German Shepherds. They focus on producing dogs with excellent temperament, health, structure, and working ability in accordance with the German Shepherd breed standard.

Each litter is carefully raised in the Von Cromer home with plenty of hands-on care, socialization, and early training. This ensures the puppies mature into well-adjusted, obedient companions. The Von Cromer family takes great pride in their kennel’s reputation for producing and training exceptional German Shepherds.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook
  • Location: 157 Cr-1019, Orlando, KY 40460, United States

09. Cumberland German Shepherds

Nestled in the rolling green hills of Kentucky, Cumberland German Shepherds is one of the premier breeder specializing in the top quality Eastern DDR working line German Shepherds, both long and short coat. Their focus is on breeding dogs that retain the original traits desired in the breed – dogs that have an innate desire to work closely with their handler, trainability, courage, intelligence and athleticism.

Cumberland carefully selects their breeding stock from imported German dogs with proven working pedigrees to produce both long and short coated pups in the classic sable, black sable, and solid black colors.

At Cumberland, health and temperament are the top priorities, with each breeding dog passing stringent health testing for genetic diseases common in Shepherds. For those seeking a German Shepherd of unparalleled health, temperament and working ability, Cumberland German Shepherds is one of the top choices.

  • Visit: Website (N/A) | Facebook
  • Location: 565 McClure Rd, Jamestown, KY 42629, United States

10. Freedom Shepherds

Freedom Shepherds is a small, family-run breeder located in the quaint town of Maysville, Kentucky, specializing in raising top-quality German Shepherds. Their focus is on breeding long-coated dark sables, red sables, and elegant solid blacks.

They thoughtfully breeds for health, temperament and conformation, enabling them to offer German Shepherd puppies of the highest quality. They have also included Embark DNA test for their dogs in the breeding Program.

Each German Shepherd puppy is carefully and lovingly raised right alongside their own children in home, not cooped up in a kennel. This upbringing allows the puppies to be highly socialized from a young age, exposed to people and animals of all ages and sizes. They strive to produce German Shepherds with calm temperaments and strong work ethics, perfectly suited for any home as a loyal family companion, an intelligent herding dog for the farm, or a driven canine partner for competitive dog sports.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook
  • Location: 7382 Mt Carmel Rd, Maysville, KY 41056, United States

11. Felder Haus German Shepherds

Felder Haus German Shepherds is an innovative kennel that specializes in producing top quality sable, black sable, and solid black Czech Working Line German Shepherds. This kennel understands that it is of the utmost importance to ensure that every dog is properly conditioned and trained in order to test each dog to its full potential. This process allows Felder Haus to carefully evaluate each dog and determine which are suitable for their selective breeding program and which are not.

At Felder Haus, they have access to some of the most prominent bloodlines in the world. Each breeding dog is hand selected based not only on their pedigree, but also for the exceptional genetics inherited from some of the most renowned producers of the breed worldwide.

Their aim is to produce German Shepherds possessing the versatile working skills and traits that are critical for police work, military operations, search and rescue, service occupations, and herding. However, it is equally important to the Felder Haus team that their dogs retain the devotion and loyalty required to be outstanding companions and members of a family.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook
  • Location: 3927 Randolph Rd, Edmonton, KY 42129, United States

12. Arbeitshunde German Shepherds

Arbeitshunde German Shepherds is a small, specialized kennel focused on producing top-quality working line German Shepherds in the traditional colors of sable, black sable, and solid black. At Arbeitshunde, each breeding dog is an integral part of the family, living indoors and experiencing normal daily life. This allows the dogs to become accustomed to the routine activities of a household as well as the coming and going of visitors and neighbors. The intimate family setting provides early socialization to ensure a steady temperament suitable for work, sports, or life as a devoted family companion.

When selecting dogs for their breeding program, Arbeitshunde follows strict criteria in order to preserve the ideal traits of the working German Shepherd. Only dogs that have passed all health tests, boast excellent bloodlines, and demonstrate the intelligence, trainability, and balanced temperament worthy of a working dog are chosen.

Their small-scale, quality-focused approach ensures each Arbeitshunde puppy receives extensive hands-on attention to be socialized and developed into an outstanding example of the German Shepherd breed.

13. Stauffemberg German Shepherds

Stauffemberg German Shepherds is a kennel in Kentucky dedicated to breeding and training top-quality long coat and short coat European West German Shepherd lines. Run by experienced breeders well-versed in European breeding standards, Stauffemberg produces exceptionally balanced, healthy dogs with stable temperaments.

Stauffemberg dogs exhibit a delightful mix of protective instincts coupled with affectionate natures, making them ideal choices for families or individuals seeking both a devoted pet and vigilant guardian. Rigorously health and temperament tested from puppyhood, Stauffemberg dogs have been placed in roles from narcotics detection to search and rescue and service animal work.

Their breeding program carefully selects pairings to produce the best of the breed – intelligent, agile dogs with unwavering focus ready to take on any task or challenge.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook
  • Location: 201 Claudie Ave, Elizabethtown, KY, United States, Kentucky

14. Von Frieden German Shepherds LLC

In the rolling hills of Grand Rivers, Kentucky resides Von Frieden German Shepherds LLC, a breeder dedicated to producing top quality German Shepherds. This kennel focuses on breeding both show line and working line dogs, resulting in German Shepherds well-suited for conformation shows, competitions, or beloved family companions.

Von Frieden German Shepherds offers German Shepherds in a variety of colors and coat lengths to satisfy diverse preferences. One can find long coated and short coated dogs in stunning hues of red and black, black and tan, solid white, solid black, black sable, and more. Their breeding program aims to improve health, temperament, structure, and working ability in accordance with the German Shepherd dog breed standard.

The dogs reside in spacious indoor/outdoor kennels on site as well as in the homes of Von Frieden family members. This nurturing environment allows plenty of human interaction, play, and socialization to promote well-adjusted dispositions. Prospective owners can rest assured that Von Frieden German Shepherds’ pups and adults receive excellent nutrition, veterinary care, training, and hands-on attention to produce magnificent ambassadors of this noble breed.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook
  • Location: 840 Newbern Rd, Grand Rivers, KY 42045, United States

15. DeBorde’s German Shepherds of Kentucky

DeBorde’s German Shepherds of Kentucky specializes in breeding and raising beautiful German shepherds. Their breeding program focuses on dogs with an ideal combination of strong herding instincts, trainability, and physical soundness.

These intelligent, energetic dogs are carefully bred from proven bloodlines. They have a gentle, and loyal temperament that makes them excellent family companions.

Prospective owners seek out DeBorde’s for their versatility, trainability, and good looks. Whether put to work or serving as loyal protectors and friends, these outstanding German shepherds are a credit to DeBorde’s conscientious, quality-focused breeding program.

  • Visit: Website (N/A) | Facebook
  • Location: Brodhead, KY

16. Rheinhardt Kennels

Rheinhardt Kennels, a small yet renowned dog breeder in Southeastern Kentucky, specializing in breeding top-quality AKC-registered West (European) show line German Shepherds for over 25 years.

Their farm is home to these incredible dogs who roam freely, bonding with the family and learning proper socialization skills from the moment they are born.

Rheinhardt takes great pride in producing some of the finest German Shepherds around, known for their fearless spirit, unwavering loyalty, keen intelligence, and an innate desire to please their human companions. Their puppies grow into champions, succeeding in various working roles such as search and rescue, police K-9, drug enforcement, personal protection, therapy assistance, or simply as beloved family pets.

17. German Shepherd Puppies Kentucky

German Shepherd Puppies Kentucky is a small yet dedicated breeder located in the Greensburg, Kentucky state. With a strong passion for the German Shepherd breed, they focus on producing exceptional AKC-registered West Showline GSD puppies.

Their kennel is home to both long and short coated German Shepherds, each one health tested and carefully selected for their temperament, structure, and working ability. Every litter bred at German Shepherd Puppies Kentucky is thoughtfully planned to combine champion and real German bloodlines. They breed for balance, avoiding extremes that can negatively impact structure and health.

Their puppies are raised in the home and treated like family. Training and socialization starts from day one, with plenty of human interaction and exposure to new sights and sounds. This ensures the puppies mature into well-adjusted adult dogs.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook
  • Location: 40 Buford Dial RD. Greensburg, KY 42743

So these were some of our handpicked top German Shepherd breeders in Kentucky state. If you like this post then don’t forget to share with other people. Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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