Top 15+ German Shepherd Breeders in United Kingdom, UK

Top 15+ German Shepherd Breeders in United Kingdom, UK

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Are you looking for the top rated professional German Shepherd breeders in the United Kingdom (UK)? You’re in the right place.

Based on breeding quality, facilities, customer reviews, experience, breed standards & practices, we have handpicked one of the top and best German Shepherd breeders who are breeding and selling this magnificent, loyal, and intelligent dog breed to UK homeowners/families and security agencies for so many years.

These breeders have a profound passion for the breeding German Shepherds, are very much committed to uphold the highest standards of health, temperament, and shape. Through careful selection and breeding practices, they strive to produce German Shepherds that not only excel in working roles but also make exceptional family pets.


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01. Icepack Kennels

Icepack Kennel is a 5 Star licensed breeder located in Cambridgeshire, UK. With over 25 years of experience it specializes in breeding and selling the highest quality KC Registered, West Showline German Shepherd puppies, dogs, and bitches. Their custom-built kennels provide an ideal home for each of their dogs, with spacious individual enclosures designed for comfort and wellbeing. | Related: Slant Back German Shepherds | Types of Showline GSDs.

Located right on site, Icepack’s owners also have their personal residence near the kennel, allowing for round-the-clock attention and diligent care of all their dogs and litters. The puppies benefit immensely from early socialization with children and adults, ensuring their sweet temperaments are well-suited for family life.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook
  • Location: Soham, Ely, Cambridgeshire, England, United Kingdom
  • Phone: 01353 721322 | Mobile: 07454 776384

02. Nyrvana German Shepherds – The Lodge Kennels

The Nyrvana German Shepherd Dogs – The Lodge Kennel, located in Baldock, Hertfordshire, has been breeding top quality German Shepherds since 1973. Their primary goal is to produce well-rounded German Shepherds that excel as working dogs and active companions. They breed German Shepherds with both beauty and versatility, focusing on long coat varieties as well as East German Lines (DDR) and Czechoslovakian Lines (Czech).

Historically, their home-bred dogs have been tremendously successful in a wide range of working roles such as police dogs, prison service dogs, personal protection dogs, security dogs, shepherding dogs, and guide and service dogs for the disabled. Additionally, Nyrvana’s German Shepherds have achieved high honors in canine sports such as obedience, working trials, Schutzhund, and agility competitions. Even those German Shepherds from Nyrvana that are placed in homes as companions are intensely loved.

Nyrvana ensures their puppies receive the best care from birth including deworming, vaccinations, microchipping, Kennel Club registration, and insurance. Nyrvana also provides new owners with support and encourages continued contact so they can follow the progress of their puppies as they mature into exceptional adult German Shepherds.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook
  • Location: The Lodge Kennels Great North Road ( A1 Southbound ) Baldock Hertfordshire SG7 5EX, UK
  • Phone: 01462 730464‬ | Mobile: ‭07936 187255‬

03. Bundaberg GSD

Bundaberg GSD is a small scale yet dedicated breeder specializing in the breeding of top-quality showline German Shepherd puppies in Surrey, UK, since 1976. Run by a family with a passion for the breed that spans generations, Bundaberg German Shepherds prides itself on producing litters of exceptional quality.

Unlike high-volume breeders focused on profits, Bundaberg German Shepherds breeds just one or two litters per year, carefully choosing the sire and dam for compatibility, temperament, and conformation to breed standards.

Their breeding program aims to produce German Shepherd puppies with the ideal balance of traits set by The Kennel Club UK and SV, the German Shepherd breed registry in Germany. This means breeding for moderation, not extremes, and avoiding exaggerations that lead to health issues. Dedicated to proper socialization and training, they raise litters using Schutzhund techniques.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook(N/A)
  • Location: Surrey RH76HR, United Kingdom
  • Phone: +44 7595 432095

04. Eagleriver Dogs

Eagleriver is a small, family-run breeding establishment located in the East Anglia, Cambridgeshire, UK. They specialize primarily in raising top-quality, Kennel Club registered long-coat & short-coat straight back German Shepherds with an emphasis on health, longevity, and temperament.

At Eagleriver, the focus is on producing robust, healthy puppies from extensively tested parents. All adult breeding dogs have had their hips and elbows evaluated and scored to screen for dysplasia. Furthermore, the adult dogs are tested for two debilitating neurological conditions – Degenerative Myelopathy and Paroxysmal Dyskinesias. By performing these vital health tests, Eagleriver ensures that their German Shepherd puppies will have the best chance at a long, healthy, active life free of these detrimental diseases.

Beyond physical health, Eagleriver also emphasizes sound temperament by breeding dogs with stable, friendly personalities ideal for both work and companionship.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook
  • Location: East Anglia, Cambridgeshire, UK
  • Phone: +44 7710 054049
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05. Nryeemas German Shepherds

Nryeemas German Shepherds, situated in the North West of Lancashire, UK, breed top-quality long-hair straight back German Shepherds that are KC registered, vaccinated, and microchipped. These dogs undergo health tests to ensure they are in optimal condition.

With their straight-back and long hair, Nryeemas German Shepherds are known for their beauty, and strength. Each dog at Nryeemas is carefully bred to prioritize health, temperament, and overall well-being.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook(N/A)
  • Location: North West of Lancashire, United Kingdom
  • Phone: 07828 265436

06. Vylano German Shepherd Dogs

Vylano GSD is a family-owned hobby German Shepherd breeder located in the picturesque Scottish Borders, UK. It was established in 2015 by canine enthusiast Laura Jayne. Vylano breeds both long-coat and short-coat German Shepherds with an emphasis on health, temperament, and conformance to the breed standard.

Vylano GSDs have competed in the show ring, earning titles in conformation, as well as in various canine sports like herding, tracking, obedience, agility, etc.

Before breeding, the dogs undergo extensive health testing including hip and elbow scoring, DNA screening, and also checked for LTV (Transitional Vertebrae). Once born, Vylano puppies are reared in the home receiving plentiful socialization, environmental exposure, and positive habituation. This intensive early enrichment ensures the pups mature into well-adjusted, confident adult dogs.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook
  • Location: Scottish Borders, United Kingdom
  • Phone: N/A

07. Kesyra German Shepherds

Kesyra German Shepherds is a small dedicated kennel located in South-West Wiltshire, England, UK. It is run by the experienced and licensed breeder Mrs. Katrina Stevens. They produce only two or three litters of sable or black and gold German Shepherd puppies each year. Though some of their puppies have the structure and drives to excel in working roles or canine sports like agility, most are bred to be wonderful family companions.

Mrs. Stevens holds the top 5-star rating from Wiltshire Council for her conscientious and ethical breeding practices. At Kesyra German Shepherds, the goal is to breed puppies as close to the ideal German Shepherd “breed standard” as possible, without ever compromising on temperament, health or functionality. This means they avoid breeding dogs with exaggerated, sloping backs or overly angulated hind legs which can cause health issues. Instead, their puppies have proper back-lines and firm, strong hocks that allow them to move correctly.

Any adult dogs used for breeding at Kesyra have faultless temperaments, extensive health testing, and hip scores better than the breed average. This includes orthopedic evaluations like OFA hip and elbow scoring, DNA tests for issues like degenerative myelopathy, and tests to screen for bleeding disorders like Haemophilia A in the males.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook
  • Location: Dorothy Walk, Warminster BA12 8PH, South-West Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom
  • Phone: 01985 217733 | Mobile: 07766 521515

08. Figynberg German Shepherds

Figynberg German Shepherds located in the Lostwithiel, England, UK, is a prestigious small family-run breeding kennel dedicated to producing top-quality old East Working Line DDR German Shepherds which they import exclusively from a certain area in Germany. Figynberg is licensed and regulated under the strict guidelines enforced by Cornwall Council, and has also earned a 5 star rating for their ethical practices and incredible reputation.

Figynberg German Shepherds are remarkably confident canines with an uncanny ability to adapt to any situation or environment. This innate flexibility allows Figynberg dogs to smoothly transition into a variety of working roles, from loyal family companions to stalwart protectors trained for police, prison services, security, personal protection, medical alert, and search and rescue.

They provide guarantee of their dogs that they are absolutely safe and also promises lifelong support and guidance to all puppy buyers.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook(N/A)
  • Location: Lostwithiel PL22 0PD, England, United Kingdom
  • Phone: 01503 221144 | Mobile: 07711 087977

09. Marleyland German Shepherds

Marleyland German Shepherds is a reputable dog breeder that specializes in breeding long-haired German Shepherds in Essex, England. As a Kennel Club registered breeder, they adhere to strict guidelines and standards for responsible breeding set forth by the premier canine organization.

Each German Shepherd brought into their breeding program undergoes extensive health testing per Kennel Club recommendations to screen for hereditary diseases common in the breed. This includes hip and elbow X-rays. Additionally, dogs are DNA tested for concerning genetic diseases including degenerative myelopathy, multi-drug resistance, pituitary dwarfism, and hemophilia.

Their services include mating, artificial insemination in dogs, progesterone testing for ovulation, chilled semen postage, 28-day ultrasound pregnancy scan, and puppy Microchipping for litter’s.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook(N/A)
  • Location: Essex England, United Kingdom
  • Phone: +44 7484 690545 | Telegram: @marleylandgsd

10. Marinita German Shepherds

Marinita German Shepherds is a family-run business located in Lancashire, UK, has been breeding and showing top-quality long coat & short coat German Shepherds for over 25 years. As a fully Council Licensed breeder they are committed to responsible breeding practices and producing healthy, well-tempered puppies.

Typically, Marinita has just a couple of litters per year. Puppies that go to approved homes can be companion dogs, show dogs, and working dogs. Their dogs also excel in Schutzhund/IGP and other working trials.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook
  • Location: 52 Sefton Rd, Orrell, Wigan WN5 8UP, Lancashire, United Kingdom
  • Phone: 07958046732 | 07828993649

11. Nessbree German Shepherds

With over 24 years of experience, located in Bridlington, England, UK, Nessbree German Shepherds is a top breeder specializing in breeding strong, intelligent working line German Shepherds.

Each litter produced at Nessbree is carefully planned. Their dogs are large, home-socialized, robust with steadfast temperament, intelligence and trainability – qualities that make them excel as service dogs, police K9s, or faithful protectors of home and family.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook(N/A)
  • Location: 1 Main St, Boynton, Bridlington YO16 4XL, England, United Kingdom
  • Phone: +44 7555 447088

12. Alsace Royale German Shepherds

Alsace Royale German Shepherds, is a dedicated small hobby kennel that breeds top quality old-fashioned working line German Shepherd dogs. Run by experienced breeders, Alsace Royale is devoted to maintaining and protecting the highest standard of working line German Shepherd bloodlines and temperaments. They only allow registered German Shepherds certified by the British Veterinary Association to be bred.

The German Shepherd dogs of Alsace Royale are the epitome of the original breed standard with their large, broad heads, heavily boned and muscular frames, and tall, imposing stature. Their breeding program produces puppies with ideal German Shepherd traits like human-friendly, intelligence, trainability, stamina, loyalty and excellent performance in obedience, agility, tracking, and protection work.

Due to Alsace Royale’s location in Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK, German Shepherd puppies bred there can be easily transported to the British mainland without needing pet passports. This streamlined process allows new owners from England, Scotland and Wales to welcome one of these exceptional German Shepherd puppies into their home with ease.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook
  • Location: Alsace Royale German Shepherds, Carrowmore, Malin, Inishowen County Donegal, Northern Ireland, UK
  • Phone: UK (+44) 7784 716969 | Rep of Ireland 00353 (0) 86 8653142

13. Chezza’s German Shepherds

Chezza’s German Shepherds is a renowned breeder of German Shepherds located in the town of Wellingborough, North Northamptonshire, UK. As a Kennel Club certified breeder, Chezza’s German Shepherds adhere to strict breeding standards and protocols to ensure all their puppies are happy, healthy, and bred to the highest pedigree. Their breeding stock also contains White German Shepherds.

To produce puppies with beauty, brains, and strong genetics Chezza’s breeding program thoughtfully combines attributes from two distinct bloodlines i.e. the intelligent working lines and the beautiful show lines.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook
  • Location: The Woman’s Touch, Wellingborough, United Kingdom (Great Harrowden, Wellingborough NN9 5NY, United Kingdom)
  • Phone: +44 7713 315767

14. Giantlands Long Coat German Shepherds

Giantlands German Shepherds based in Sheerness, England, is a premier breeder dedicated to raising magnificent long-haired German Shepherds of unparalleled quality. As proud members of the esteemed Kennel Club Assured Breeders Scheme, Giantlands upholds the highest standards in responsible breeding and producing sound, healthy dogs with exceptional temperaments.

Giantlands German Shepherds are known for their exceptional temperaments, beauty, type, and size. They focus solely on producing top-quality long-hair companion dogs rather than guard dogs or working dogs.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook(N/A)
  • Location: 23 Danes Dr, Leysdown-on-Sea, Sheerness ME12 4AJ, England, United Kingdom
  • Phone: +44 1795 511858

15. Stormlake German Shepherds

Stormlake German Shepherds is an Essex based reputable Fully Council Licensed breeder of long-hair German Shepherds. They meet the highest standards and regulations when it comes to responsible and ethical breeding practices.

Their specialty is in breeding top quality German Shepherds that are known for their large size and long, lush coats. Stormlake takes great pride in producing dogs with sound structure, health and temperament by extensively health testing all of their breeding stock. All of their breeding dogs are British Veterinary Association (BVA) hip scored.

Beyond breeding, Stormlake also offers a variety of services such as canine fertility services, training, and behavioral services.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook
  • Location: Essex, United Kingdom
  • Phone: 07906270193

16. Westmac Working Line German Shepherds

Based in South Wales, Westmac has built a reputation as a responsible family breeder of Working Line German Shepherds since 2015. It is committed to preserve the health and temperament of this noble breed, and focus on producing well-rounded German Shepherds for all types of roles.

Westmac stands out with its own Underwater Treadmill Unit where the dogs enjoy regular hydrotherapy sessions to strengthen muscles and joints.

The Westmac training program also focuses on sport of IGP, where the dogs’ strengths and weaknesses in tracking, obedience, and protection work become apparent. This insight allows Westmac to thoughtfully pair their top studs and dams.

Westmac also provides lifetime support for any training issues, and a fair contract of sale.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook
  • Location: South Wales, around 20 minutes from the Severn Bridge, United Kingdom
  • Phone: 447549527575

Final Thoughts

So above were some of the top rated reliable professional German German Shepherds breeders located in different parts of United Kingdom. The breeding trends suggest that majority of the breeders in UK are focusing on breeding long-hair, large-size, and straight-back working line German Shepherds. Whether they are breeding show lines, working lines, or mix of both, all of these are responsible breeders, focusing on GSD breeding guidelines, temperament, socialization, health, and working abilities. Thoroughly go through each of these breeders and find a dog or a puppy that you like and suits you the more.

If you like this post then don’t forget to share with other people. Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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