10+ Top German Shepherd Breeders in Australia

10+ Top German Shepherd Breeders in Australia

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Are you looking for the top rated professional German Shepherd breeders in Australia? You’re in the right place.

Based on breeding quality, facilities, customer reviews, experience, breed standards & practices, we have handpicked one of the best German Shepherd breeders who breed and sell top quality German Shepherds and puppies in Australia to homeowners, families, and security agencies.

These professional Australian German Shepherd breeders are dedicated to preserve the integrity and high standards associated with German Shepherd dogs. They focus on breeding dogs with excellent temperaments, superior intelligence, and robust health.

The German Shepherd is a versatile breed, known for its loyalty, confidence, and excellent working abilities, which are traits carefully nurtured by these Australian breeders. The puppies are generally raised in home environments, reflecting a focus on family compatibility. They are not merely producing pets but are also contributing to the community by raising dogs that often go on to excel in roles such as search and rescue, therapy, and law enforcement.


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01. German Shepherd World

German Shepherd World has been a premier, top-rated family-owned breeder of the original, large, strong bone, old-style, companion straight-back German Shepherd dogs for over three decades, located in Maroota, New South Wales, Australia. As a proud member of the prestigious Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhunde (SV) E.V., the official German Shepherd Dog Club of Germany, they adhere to the highest standards of breeding to produce some of the finest examples of old-fashioned working dogs.

All of their dogs are hip and elbow x-rayed, Degenerative Myelopathy tested, and male dogs are tested for Von Willebrand’s Factor. Their unwavering commitment to the health and wellbeing of their pups is further evidenced by the comprehensive care each one receives, including their first round of vaccinations, microchipping, multiple dewormings, all overseen by their trusted team of veterinary professionals, and come with “A Certificate of Pedigree” showing full parentage.

Prospective owners can take comfort in the fact that they will be bringing home a German Shepherd that has been raised in the beautiful, natural surroundings of the Australian countryside, bathed in fresh air and sunshine, resulting in puppies with exceptional temperaments, striking good looks, and unparalleled vitality.

German Shepherd World are one of those few breeders in Australia who breed a diverse array of colors, including gold and grey/ash grey, bronze gold sables, black/gold, and black/tan.

They are very sensitive about the future and well being of their dogs and puppies, that’s why they are selective in who they entrust their precious pups to, prioritize families who are committed to providing a lifetime of love and companionship, rather than those seeking a dog merely for security purposes or temporary amusement.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook(N/A) | Instagram
  • Location: Old Northern Rd Maroota, New South Wales, Australia 2756

02. Black Winter K9 Group

The Black Winter K9 Group is a family-owned registered German Shepherd breeder and obedience trainer for over two decades. It is situated on a sprawling 20-acre family run property in the picturesque region of Brisbane, Victoria, Australia. This establishment provides their German Shepherds with an ideal, loving environment in which they thrive.

Each of their German Shepherd enjoys unfettered access to the property’s private acreage, where they are free to roam, play, and swim. This spacious, natural setting allows the dogs to engage in the active, energetic behaviors innate to their breed, ensuring their physical and mental well-being.

The Black Winter K9 Group’s commitment to selective, careful breeding has resulted in a top quality German Shepherds renowned for their exceptional character and versatility. Their breeding program includes both working police and military lines as well as prestigious Australian champion show lines, blending the breeds’ renowned intelligence, trainability, and loyal temperament to produce the ultimate companion dogs.

Following features are included in the price of their puppies: Vet check, Microchip, Vaccinations/worming, Transfer Certificate, Puppy Pack, Ongoing support for the entire life of the puppy.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook(N/A)
  • Location: 285 Grossmans Rd, Torquay VIC 3228, Brisbane, Victoria, Australia

03. Brashawin Kennels

Brashawin is a small family-owned kennel that specializes in breeding of exceptional working line German Shepherd dogs. It is located in the beautiful Mid-North Coast region of New South Wales, Australia. Brashawin is registered with the prestigious organization Dogs Australia, since 2001. Apart from Dogs Australia, it is also registered with Newcastle & Hunter Region German Shepherd Dog Club. Inc Championship Shows, and Dogs NSW.

At Brashawin, dogs and puppies are treated as family members. Their German Shepherds are bred with a great focus on sound solid nerves, strong prey and retrieve drives, and outstanding tracking abilities – hallmarks of the breed’s working heritage. But beyond these impressive working traits, Brashawin’s dogs are also renowned for their well-balanced character, and even temperaments, making them ideal not just for specialized roles, but also as beloved family companions.

These versatile, intelligent German Shepherds excel in a vast array of working fields, serving with distinction as police K9s, narcotics and explosives detection dogs, protection dogs for families, and high-achieving competitors in disciplines like Schutzhund/IGP, search and rescue, herding, obedience, and agility.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook
  • Location: Mid-North Coast region of New South Wales, Australia

04. Siobahn Kennels

Siobahn Kennels has been a respected and well-established breeder of long stock coat German Shepherds for over three decades, located in the beautiful Hawkesbury Valley of New South Wales, Australia. They are registered with NSW Pet Registry, Newcastle & Hunter Region German Shepherd Dog Club. Inc Championship Shows, and Dogs NSW.

Their commitment to the breed is evident in their steadfast focus on breeding for soundness of structure, exemplary temperament, and the creation of German Shepherds that embody the very essence of the breed.

They are are not merely attractive companions, but rather canine ambassadors that bring a sense of joy, confidence, and pure delight to the lives of their owners.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook(N/A)
  • Location: Hawkesbury Valley, New South Wales Australia

05. LaShadas German Shepherds

LaShadas German Shepherds, located in Southern River, West Australia, is a small family-owned, ANKC(The Australian National Kennel Council) registered, GSDCA(German Shepherd Dog Club of America) compliant, top-rated kennel that breeds high quality showline German Shepherds.

They are fully dedicated to produce healthy, temperamentally sound showline German Shepherds. Every puppy they bring into the world is the result of a serious selection process, with the parents first undergoing comprehensive hip and elbow evaluations through the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia’s screening schemes.

This painstaking approach allows LaShadas to confidently place their puppies in responsible homes and families.

  • Visit: Website (Not Up-to-Date) | Facebook | Instagram
  • Location: LOT 213 Cormorant Ct, Southern River West Australia 6110
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06. Pantathean GSD

Pantathean GSD is an exceptional, top-rated ANKC Registered professional breeder of massively built working line German Shepherds located in Old Junee, New South Wales, Australia. Their dogs are highly sought-after for their amazing temperament and extraordinary abilities in areas like police work, search and rescue, and as loyal, lifelong companions.

They are committed to healthy, responsible breeding practices that prioritize the wellbeing of their dogs above all else. They also hold prestigious certifications from the Royal NSW Canine Council and the Australian National Kennel Council, ensuring that no detrimental genetic traits are present in their litters.

Each and every one of Pantathean GSD’s breeding dogs undergoes extensive health screenings, including hip and elbow scoring as well as comprehensive DNA profiling, to guarantee the purity and soundness of their stock.

07. Alderhaus German Shepherds

Alderhaus German Shepherds, located in the bustling city of Perth in Western Australia, has been a renowned and respected registered breeder of top-quality showline German Shepherds, since its inception in 1972.

Over the course of its nearly 50-year history, this esteemed breeding program has consistently produced some of the finest examples of the breed, earning an impressive six national medals that includes Silver 1987, Gold 1988, Silver 2001, Silver 2003, Gold 2016, and Bronze 2017. Alderhaus stands alone as the only breeder in the entire state of Western Australia to have achieved this remarkable level of accolades and recognition.

From the moment the puppies are born, they are raised within the comfort and safety of the Alderhaus family home, where they are monitored around the clock to ensure their optimal health and development. As the puppies grow older, they are gradually introduced to the great outdoors, with access to a large, grassy yard and spacious paved veranda where they can freely roam, play, and explore their surroundings. This carefully curated environment not only allows the puppies to burn off energy and build their strength, but also lays the groundwork for their socialization – a critical component in shaping well-adjusted, confident German Shepherds.

At just 7 weeks of age, the Alderhaus puppies begin attending sessions at the local German Shepherd dog club, where they are exposed to children, people, and other friendly canines, giving them a head start on the path to becoming exceptional companions and show dogs.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook(N/A)
  • Location: Penny Alder Forrestdale, PERTH WA Australia

08. Grandwest Kennels

Grandwest Kennels is a small kennel located in Bullsbrook, Northern Suburb of Perth, Western Australia. It specializes in breeding and raising world class champion showline German Shepherd dogs.

Each of their German Shepherds undergoes rigorous health testing, with all dogs have their Hip & Elbow certificates (A & Z Stamps). The kennel’s breeding program strictly adheres to the GSDAWA’s(German Shepherd Dog Association of Western Australia) recommended practices, ensuring the continued preservation of the breed’s outstanding characteristics.

Beyond the physical health of their dogs, Grandwest Kennels is also deeply committed to the mental and behavioral development of their German Shepherds. The kennel’s puppies are raised in a loving, family-oriented environment, surrounded by ample space to grow, explore, and learn. All of their breeding stock is Breed Surveyed under the prestigious German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia’s National Breed Survey Scheme, a testament to the dogs’ exemplary temperaments and conformation.

Grandwest Kennels offer their puppies for sale with pedigree papers, veterinary health checks, vaccinations, and are microchipped. Additionally, new owners receive the invaluable benefit of free training sessions with the GSDAWA.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook
  • Location: 48 Kimberley St, Northern Suburb of Perth, Western Australia 6084

09. Vladimir German Shepherds

Located in the beautiful Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia, Vladimir German Shepherds is a small, family-operated breeder with over three decades of experience. They are also the members of the Dogs NSW, German Shepherd Dog League of NSW, and German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia.

They have earned a reputation as one of the premier breeders in the country, having been awarded the prestigious title of #1 German Shepherd Breeder in New South Wales twice, as well as the prestigious National Breeders Trophy (No#1 Breeder of Australia) in 2013.

Dedicated to breeding sound, intelligent, and beautiful top-quality showline(short coat and long coat) German Shepherds, this small team of passionate breeders take great pride in their selective breeding process, only breeding their dogs once a year and never for the purposes of profit. Every step is taken to ensure that their puppies are raised in a safe, nurturing environment, with all of their dogs having passed the rigorous health and temperament assessments set forth by the GSDCA. This includes comprehensive screening for conditions like hip and elbow dysplasia, as well as genetic testing to avoid any known hereditary issues.

Adhering strictly to the codes of ethics outlined by the GSDL, GSDCA, and Dogs NSW, Vladimir German Shepherds takes the health and wellbeing of their dogs incredibly seriously, providing each puppy with comprehensive veterinary care, microchipping, vaccinations, and ANKC pedigree paperwork.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook
  • Location: Old Hume Hwy, Alpine New South Wales 2575, Australia

10. Lozani German Shepherds

Lozani German Shepherds kennel is a family-owned passionate breeder that is dedicated to produce world-class showline German Shepherds, located in the Queanbeyan/Canberra, New South Wales, Australia.

They are also the members of the ACT German Shepherd Dog Association, Dogs NSW, and the German Shepherd Dog League of NSW. Their mission is to breed German Shepherd puppies that are as close to the breed standard as possible – sound in both body and mind, with the ability to excel at any task, whether it be in a working capacity or as beloved family companions lounging on the sofa.

The Lozani breeders also take pride for introducing new bloodlines to the Australian German Shepherd community. They have imported top-quality male and female German Shepherds from Hungary and Serbia.

11. Kingvale German Shepherds

Kingvale German Shepherds is a small kennel, located in Tahmoor, New South Wales, Australia that breeds top quality, beautiful, sound, and healthy showline German Shepherd puppies to excel in show ring, obedience, tracking, herding, and make loving loyal family pets.

Kingvale’s breeding program participates in the breed improvement schemes for breed survey, and hip & elbow x-rays. They include only those German Shepherds in their breeding program who achieve the lowest possible scores.

  • Visit: Website | Facebook(N/A)
  • Location: Ivan & Sonya Pacek Tahmoor, NSW, Australia

Final Thoughts

So these were our handpicked top-rated professional German Shepherd breeders in Australia. You must have noticed that the majority of breeders in Australia breed showline German Shepherds, and most of them are located in New South Wales or Western Australia. Historically, NSW and WA have been significant centers for dog breeding and kennel clubs, providing extensive networks and resources for breeders. The geographical landscapes of NSW and WA, characterized by vast open spaces and favorable climates, are conducive to raising and training large, active breeds like German Shepherds.

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